Zirconia Is Making a Positive Impact on Our Environment

As a mission driven, green tech company, Zirconia’s environmental initiatives are built into everything we do. We have a clear goal: to make the built environment more sustainable and less toxic.

We have developed innovative coating technologies that create more durable, corrosion-free infrastructure, while reducing impacts on our shared ecosystem. In today’s investor article, we are going to highlight some of the ways Zirconia is making a positive environmental impact for generations to come.

Reducing Greenhouse Gasses and Preserving Old and New Infrastructure Indefinitely

Our coating’s create multiple paths to large-scale greenhouse gas reductions. Zirconia’s coating technologies dramatically increase the durability and lifespan of concrete and steel used to build major infrastructure, reducing the need to remake and replace these materials, which are greenhouse gas (GHG) expensive. Concrete and steel generate approximately 18% of the global GHG total, so it’s important to maintain the infrastructure we have once it is built. 

Reducing Toxicity to the Environment

We believe in the power of green chemistry to create products and processes that make the built environment more sustainable. We push the boundaries of green chemistry to make our coatings less toxic, while improving performance characteristics and longevity.

The Power of Substitution (Removing Toxins)

We focus on substituting our green coating technology for outdated, toxic, low performing technologies like epoxy. Our industrial coatings substantially outperform traditional coatings in terms of performance, durability, and low toxicity.

Reducing Toxicity to the Employees and Workers

Traditional coatings have higher levels of toxicity. Zirconia’s mission is to focus on environmental and human health, always looking for the green chemistry pathway to provide better coating performance without exposing employees or workers to hazardous materials.  Our primary technology is water borne, while others use green solvents, or reduced solvents.

Reducing Life Cycle Impact

The improved durability, performance and lifespan of our coatings reduces the amount of maintenance, including reducing hazardous, toxic chemicals used for cleaning buildings. This lowers the environmental impact of operations and maintenance, while also reducing costs.

Future Green Chemistry

Zirconia has engineered a heat reflective coating that reflects 98% of solar energy off of the surface of buildings, cooling them dramatically.  This type of passive air conditioning will cool buildings way down and reduce the need for electricity draw for air conditioning significantly, reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, and therefore reducing CO2 emissions significantly.

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Zirconia is a subject matter specialist when it comes to improving sustainability in the built environment. When you invest in Zirconia, you invest in an environmentally conscious company which is creating hope for a more sustainable future.

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