Concrete Corrosion

Zirconia's CeramycGuard™, an inorganic coating technology, transforms the surface layer of concrete into a "skin of granite" which ends concrete corrosion - doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the life of the concrete.

The CeramycGuard coating chemically bonds with concrete surfaces, forming an alumina-silicate composite layer, similar to granite, which is immune to corrosion. This "skin of granite" surface is immune to carbonation, salt, ultraviolet light, heat and cold (freeze-thaw). Like granite, it has an indefinite lifespan, which means the concrete asset is durably protected.

For new or existing infrastructure made of concrete, this coating technology makes it possible to restore and permanently protect concrete assets from corrosion.

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"A great development of materials, which is simple to use and meets multiple applications" -Judges


Roman Cement Reborn

Zirconia's alumina-silicate coating technology is a modern, high-tech rebirth of the geopolymer cements used by the Romans to create structures which have remained standing for thousands of years.

The inorganic CeramycGuard coating is based on micronized Roman Cement technology (alumina-silicate cement), combined with modern nano-scaled ceramic elements which chemically bond with concrete, creating an ultradurable anti-corrosion barrier layer. This coating technology is an analogue of granite, basically liquid granite, which eliminates porosity, fixes cracks, and restores the concrete surface. This “skin of granite” is virtually immune to the environment.

Next Generation Durable Industrial Coatings

Using our ultra-durable CeramycGuard as a base, along with new inorganic-organic hybrid topcoats, Zirconia has created a series of industrial coating systems which chemically bond to concrete, providing incredible durability for industry.

  • Chemically Bonded, Will Not delaminate
  • Biologically Impervious, Antimicrobial, Disallows Biofilm Formation
  • High Resistance to Acids
  • Chemically Bonded Non-Slip
  • Superior Wear Resistance

Zirconia's coating technology can minimize down times, reduce maintenance costs, and provide permanent protection for concrete assets.

Food Acid Corrosion
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Space Age Coatings

CeramycGuard HeatShield™

Based on our CeramycGuard technology (base layer), Zirconia has engineered a new
ceramic-silicone composite top-coating system to preserve rocket launch pads. Incredibly resistant to heat, blast force and chemical attack, this technology can replace many of the older, weaker technologies like epoxy, urethanes, and even lithium silicates, where improved performance is desired.

This advanced ceramic composite coating system is similar to the ceramic used for greenware cooking pans (non-fluoropolymer) which can survive high heat and chemical exposure. Because it is chemically bonded with the concrete, it can durably protect concrete surfaces long-term, while also delivering improved surface performance, preventing expensive maintenance and down time.

Learn More About Ceramic Surface Treatments

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