Food Manufacturing & Processing

Inorganic Ceramic Surface Treatment

Food manufacturing faces many challenges with the use of concrete in their facilities. Its porous nature means it is not an acceptable finish surface in the clean environments we require. Coatings, while helping with the reduction of porosity and improved cleaning, have issues with durability. Coatings that are organic (plastic) in nature, like epoxies and urethanes, cannot react with or permanently bond to the concrete, which is an inorganic surface; they just stick or grab onto the profiled surface of the concrete. Moisture, in the form of water or vapor form in the slab, will cause it to delaminate and peel off.

Zirconia has a solution. CeramycGuard™ is an inorganic Ceramic Surface Treatment (CST) that uses nano-Alumina and Zirconia Silicates to renew and preserve concrete surfaces. This dense ceramic nano polymer penetrates the surface and atomically bonds to all elements in the concrete, shielding the surface from the environment. CeramycGuard is not affected by wet/dry or freeze/thaw cycles and will not peel, flake, chalk, or delaminate in any manner.


CeramycGuard Eliminates All Of These Problems

CeramycGuard is the base coat of all our concrete solutions. We have additional topcoats in various systems like ComposiCoat™ that bring additional benefits and durability to concrete surfaces. Topcoats with ultradurable urethanes and quartz nanoceramics are available that are chemically bonded to the CeramyGuard, forming an ultra-strong durable composite coating bringing the best of the organic and inorganic coatings.

Exclusive Benefits Of CeramycGuard Concrete

Penetrating Chemical Adhesion

CeramycGuard is designed to coat the surface as well as bridge and fill the pores and micro-cracks in concrete, binding all elements together under a protective ceramic layer.

Eliminates Surface Voids

CeramycGuard reduces surface porosity dramatically to prevent water, salts, chemicals , and other destructive elements from entering the concrete.


CeramycGuard offers excellent abrasion resistance and will not peel or tear. It includes advanced ceramics like Silica Carbide that create a durable surface that resists weighted and grating abrasion.

Physical Barrier to Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC)

The dense, inert, non-nutrient surface of CeramycGuard creates a physical barrier to microbes and their food source, preventing them from colonizing the concrete surface.

Protection Against Extreme Environmental Conditions

CeramycGuard is immune to UV and heat and permanently protects concrete against acid rain and other airborne contaminants.

Biologically Impervious

Provides a dense, non-nutrient, non-habitat, oxidative surface that prevents microbes from colonizing the concrete surface.

Easily Repairable (Self-bonding)

CeramycGuard bonds into itself, meaning you can spot repair this ceramic coating without the need for full repainting. This gives you infinite repairability and lowers the cost of maintenance and renovation.