TruComposite™ Systems

What is TruComposite™?

Zirconia's TruComposite™ family of technologies are engineered to chemically bond to cementitious substrate as well as all adjacent layers of the chosen system. In achieving this chemical bond, TruComposite™ coating systems offer exceptional chemical, abrasion, and microbially resistant protection. Once in place, TruComposite™ technology protects concrete at the surface, with permanently bonded composite systems that will not delaminate, peel, or flake. 


The Problem
Concrete is a porous and chemically unstable surface that is highly reactive with multiple chemicals and unstable due to the constant exchange with water and moisture. Traditional coatings like epoxies, urethanes, and paints attempt to control this instability by a non-permanent barrier layer on top of the concrete. These coatings are traditionally organic plastics that are unable to chemically react with the concrete and can only stick or grab onto the surface texture to stay in place. These coatings quickly degrade and peel off due to their weakness when exposed to UV sunlight and the inability to breathe out trapped water vapor. Trapped moisture in the concrete allows for carbonation, and biological growth, leading to corrosion, cracking, spalling, rebar rusting, and eventual concrete failure.

The Solution
The solution is to use a system that combines the best of the inorganic properties of concrete and geopolymers with the best characteristics of organic or polymer coatings. Zirconia's CeramycGuard™ is an inorganic ceramic base coat that chemically bonds to the concrete giving a permanent crosslinked base for the system. This base coat is impervious to vapor pressure and cannot delaminate, peel or come off the concrete from moisture movement. It is also harder than the concrete itself, giving durable, long-lasting protection. The top layers over the CeramycGuard™ add the benefits of organic/plastic coatings, having great resistance to chemicals and abrasive wear. Since they are chemically crosslinked to the inorganic ceramic base coat, they cannot fail from high moisture levels and will not peel as they are not individual layers but a composite of organic and inorganic chemistries.


Pores, Floors, and More

Zirconia offers its Ceramic Surface Treatment (CST) technologies and ComposiCoat™ systems as part of the TruComposite™ family of technologies. CSTs incude penetrating colloidal silica technolgies (Ceramic System PoreBlocker™ and Accelerator™), Al-Si mortars (Zirconia Repair™ and SL™ mortars), and CeramycGuard™, all of which chemically bond with each other and concrete. These products can help clean, condition, repair, and protect concrete from the inside out. ComposiCoat™ systems are applied over CeramycGuard™, offering best in class hybrid organic-inorganic topcoats which are chemically bonded and ultra-durable. These topcoats are Biologically Impervious®, immune to UV, salt, freeze/thaw, and provide excellent chemical and physical wear resistance.

CST and ComposiCoat™ systems can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces alike, appropriate for non-slip, ease of clean, and waterproofing applications.

Characteristics / Advantages:

  • Easy to clean, non-yellowing, UV stable
  • Biologically impervious, preventing invasion and degradation by microbes
  • Superior abrasion resistance and durability
  • Chemically resistant to many types of acids, fuels, ammonia hydroxide, and many others (see ComposiCoat XD™ product data sheet for a full listing)
  • High solids, no odor, safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • VOC compliant Industrial Maintenance Coatings of North America
  • Tru-Composite® system that is resistant to subsurface concrete moisture


  • Farming, agriculture, dairy, livestock
  • Food production, manufacturing facilities, and storage rooms
  • Commercial flooring such as loading docks, distribution centers, parking ramps
  • Surgery/sterile rooms, waiting rooms, locker areas, exercise facilities, laboratories