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CoolColors™ Solar Reflective Coatings

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Zirconia’s CoolColors™ technology is a versatile Ceramic Surface Treatment (CST) that reflects up to 98%* of infrared (heat) energy from the surface of steel and concrete structures. This dramatically reduces solar heat absorption on infrastructure and commercial buildings. The extreme durability of this technology is perhaps its most profound sustainability characteristic, as this non-toxic ceramic surface treatment has an indefinite lifespan. It provides passive cooling, lowers greenhouse gases, lowers energy bills and increases worker comfort. And it never stops working.
The active surface of this technology is self-cleaning, eliminating biological growth, but also breaking down organic toxins that land on the surface from industrial and auto emissions, actually cleaning the air. This technology creates infrastructure that actually improves the environment it operates in, while dramatically lowering the cost of maintenance and asset ownership.

  • Test data shows >98% Solar Reflective Index (SRI)