Zirconia’s Executive Team’s 2022 Roadmap Webinar Recap

We recently had the opportunity to host an exclusive 2022 Business Strategy Roadmap and Investor Q&A webinar with Zirconia’s executive team.

In case you missed it, we’ve provided a link for you to watch our recap video at your earliest convenience.

In today’s investor article, I am going to highlight a few of the important topics that were covered at this discussion. We hope to see you at the next event!

What is Zirconia’s Mission?

The construction industry has seen the same coating technologies since the 1960s, and they are failing us as a result, a water main breaks in the US every two minutes. And this year America’s civil engineers gave America’s infrastructure a C-. 

Trillions of dollars are wasted on repairing concrete and steel, and what’s more, current coating technologies allow dangerous microbial pathogens to live in concrete and enter our food and water supply. We need a change for a safer, more stable infrastructure. 

Today you can invest in one of the companies leading the charge. At Zirconia, we create ceramic coatings that stabilize the surface of concrete and steel, making them virtually immortal. It’s an affordable and antimicrobial solution that has no current alternatives.

What Markets Are You Addressing?

Everything we’re doing is market focused. We’re a market driven company. We’re looking at a number of industries. We’re talking with food industry people. We’ve had projects done with meat packing plants, cherry plants, and a wide variety of things in that area.

 Waterproofing is another segment of the market. Again, that breaks out to different groups, but it’s a major area within commercial construction. Wastewater is a major concern for us. It’s a place where we can have a very big impact and we’re starting to reach out to people in that area. 

Agriculture is something we’ve also spent time in. We really want to look at our food chain and we thought going back to the level where the food is actually being produced, getting a stronger infrastructure within that market to provide healthier food services, and food products coming out of their services is all something we want to focus on.” 

What is Zirconia’s Strategy?

One interesting thing that’s happened in about the last six months or so, which everyone I’m sure is very familiar with at this point, are supply chain issues and shortages on materials. 

We are lucky in that our coatings, especially our CeramycGuard™️ is made here in the United States. We’re not importing any materials. Everything is coming here locally. 

We’ve had to deal with some minor supply chain issues, but we are still able to produce our product on time for the customer. This is a really important point because these typical epoxy systems or urethane systems are actually just not available. We’ve heard from our customers saying that our competitor has an eight or twelve week lead time, or they may not even know when the product is coming.

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