Investor Q&A Webinar

My name is Benjamin Cook, CEO of Zirconia. I recently had the opportunity to host an exclusive investor Q&A webinar alongside Zirconia’s Sr.VP Donald Hamm and CTO Muralee Balaguru.

Donald is our Sr. VP of Sales, and has been in product development, launching products for nearly 30 years. He has launched over a hundred new products into the home improvement and commercial construction marketplace, generating over $100 million dollars in sales.

Muralee is my Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer here at Zirconia. As an engineer with a JD in law, he has a clear understanding of the issues facing infrastructure. He manages R&D,  and handles all of our patents and other technical issues.

In today’s blog, we are going to highlight some of the important questions that were addressed just in case you missed it. 

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What’s Zirconia’s Mission?

Benjamin Cook:We make food and water infrastructure less toxic, safer, better performing and more durable. Zirconia is a material science and technology company. We make nano-ceramic coatings for sustainable infrastructure.

Our ceramics surface treatment technology is exceptional. It is the first ceramic coating that chemically bonds and cures at room temperature. No kiln needed. This is a result of some very special nanoscale science. 

It is impervious to heat, cold, water, salt, and ultraviolet light. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive on its surface. This is important because of the way that we live our lives and how we interact with infrastructure.

What’s the Value Driven Nature of Zirconia’s Tech?

Donald Hamm:One of the beauties with presenting this and bringing this to our customers is, we’re not just bringing them new technology, and we’re not bringing them this ultimate solution that is unattainable and too expensive to be valuable and useful for the market. 

What we’re finding with what we’re doing is bringing a true value driven product. As one of our contractors and sales teams says, we don’t sell it as the cheapest or the most expensive. We sell it as the most valuable system and the best value. 

We reduce labor costs often 50% or more compared to traditional (coatings), because there’s less preparation needed. Our product can go on wet concrete. Everybody else has to have it dehumidified, which can take days and weeks..

Have the Coatings Been Tested by Outside Companies?

Muralee Balaguru: “Yes, we’ve done numerous tests. We’ve had a wide variety of independent testing done with our slip resistance, and on the antimicrobial aspect of our coatings. 

On our steel coding we’ve had independent corrosion testing as well. We would be more than happy to share that data with anyone who’s willing to see, as it is a very technical explanation.” 

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