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Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies Inc., Seattle, WA

Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies Inc. is a biotechnology company that has developed a biological seed treatment for growth and stress resistance, used on most crops around the world (corn, wheat, rice, etc). The beginning of their manufacturing process occurs in their autoclave room where growth media is sterilized in preparation for manufacturing (in this case growing symbiotic fungi). The existing concrete and magnesite floor was irregular in composition, cracked, gouged (from taking off old paint with a silica-carbide grinder) and generally in poor condition. A HEPA air filtration system is present in the room, along with a large “walk-in” autoclave. The primary concern was that the porosity of the floor, together with spilled growth media, might lead to secondary microorganisms infecting the floor which would infect the growth media. A secondary concern is no existing epoxy would bond to the floor or survive the constant temperature/humidity fluctuation caused by the large autoclave which pushes the room above 1000F.

On February 22, 2019, CeramycShieldTM was applied to the floor system. This coating bonded to the concrete, filled in the cracks and surface irregularities, and left a durable, biologically impervious floor system. CeramycShieldTM is also not affected by fluctuations in heat or humidity.