ComposiCoat™ XD


ComposiCoat™ XD Floor Finish is the ideal choice for chemical and abrasion resistant applications, with biologically impervious properties that reduce the growth of microorganisms. The aliphatic moisture cured urethane can be applied with satin or  high gloss finishes in clear or colored tint options for aesthetic preferences. Zirconia’s

ComposiCoat™ Flooring System provides exceptional wear protection from abrasion, chemicals and solvents and is easy to clean and maintain. When used with Zirconia’s CeramyGuard™ coating as a base coat you have a composite flooring system that has an inorganic, base that chemically reacts or “cross-links” with the concrete. Adding Zirconia’s CrossLinker VB™ as a primer for ComposiCoat™ XD it creates a cross- linked connection with the urethane final coat. This means you have created a composite flooring that takes advantage of the best characteristics of both inorganic and organic coatings.


Recommended Uses

ComposiCoat Floor Finish is an excellent choice for protecting and preserving concrete surfaces in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications including but not limited to:

  • Commercial: manufacturing, distribution, hangars, maintenance areas, parking garages, loading docks, and heavy traffic areas
  • Food: processing, manufacturing, and cold storage
  • Farming: agriculture, dairy, livestock
  • Health Care: waiting rooms, surgery rooms, laboratories, and bathroom floors
  • Health and Fitness: gym and exercise facilities, and locker rooms