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Zirconia is an advanced materials company with disruptive products that offer high performance, long-lasting, eco-friendly, low-cost asset preservation coatings for industry and infrastructure.

Our current flagship product (CeramycShield) solves significant problems for concrete infrastructure, repair, and renovation that cannot be accomplished by other means. CeramycShield applies using common equipment and requires little or no maintenance. We have a forthcoming steel product that permanently prevents corrosion on steel infrastructure. Zirconia’s products lower the cost of asset preservation and maintenance dramatically, reducing the cost of ownership over the lifespan of your concrete and steel assets.

Our ceramic surface coatings are non-toxic and therefore improve the sustainability of industry and infrastructure globally.

The sum of infrastructure is a scale immense beyond imagination. 300 Trillion dollars of construction build our world, with 3 Trillion worth each year reduced to dust by corrosion. Until today...